The Meeting

by Wipe Away

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released January 1, 2013



all rights reserved


Wipe Away Macedonia

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Track Name: Challenge
To exist without knowing why
is same as to stand against the wind
and not knowing why
and the wind is blowing you
for you to become dust blown by the wind
blown into nothing

For you to become dust blown by the wind
blown into nothing x3
Track Name: With you
At the end of the road
Will I see your calming face
Will my soul finally
rest in your Holy place
Will my soul finally
rest in your Holy place

My soul is struggling
I am so week
I need Your hand
O Lord I need your hand

Will I see Your lovely face
And Your Holy grace

O Lord I need Your strength
only You can keep me on Your way x3

Even if your mother
And father leave you
I will always be with you
I will always be with you
My child
My child
Track Name: Hope
Why are you mourning my soul?
Why are you upset my soul?

Put your hope in God
Because I will give
to Him all the glory
My God

God hear my voice
Only You can heal me

Why are you mourning my soul?
Why are you upset my soul?
Track Name: Laodicea
Lord grant me to be an instrument
of Your peace

Where is hate to make love
Where is condemnation-forgiveness
Where is desperation-hope
Where is sadness-joy

O Divine Master
Not I to be conforted, but I to
confort others,
Not others to love me,
But I to love everybody.

MAke me able to put my neighbors before me
So I could fulfill Your commandment of Love x2
Track Name: Commandment of love
I know your deeds
that you are
neither cold nor hot
I wish you were
either one or the other x2

So because you are lukewarm
neither cold nor hot
I am about to spit you
Out of My mouth
Out of My mouth

Those whom I love
I rebuke and discipline
So, repent, repent, repent
Track Name: The key
Blessed is the one
who reads the words of His prophecy
And blessed are those who hear it
and take to heart what is written in it
Because time is near

I am the Alpha and the Omega
Says the Lord, God

Look He is coming with the clouds
and every eye will see Him
Even those who will pierced Him
and all the people will mourn
because of Him

I am the Living One x2
The First and the Last x2

I hold the keys from death and hades x4
Track Name: Kyrie Eleison
Every moment is an eternity
My thoughts are heavy as a sin
They block my breath
They block my breath
Kyrie Eleyson
Where is the Light
Where are the colors
Where are You My Lord?
Track Name: Ephesus
I know your works and labor
your patience and how you hate liars

But where is the first love x5

Repent and do the first things
or else I will remove
the candle stick

Repent and love Me
as you did at the beginning
Repent o repent
and love me
love me - repent
Track Name: Meeting
When we see together
Lighten by the light of the dawn
Seeing the morning in the night
And the eternity in the day
And the time is spreading so to disappear
Into nothing

The meeting with You
O Holy brings happiness
When we travel together